mercredi 3 février 2016

2016, HERE I AM

Good evening!
How's your week going? Mine is so crazy

I want to apologize about not posting these past few weeks, but I had so much to do, like usual, work and uni are taking my whole time, that’s why I cant find time to shoot my outfits… but I promise that I’m back again for outfit posts and inspiration…

Today I want to show you the outfit that I wore last Sunday to see a friend, I had not a good mood to wear something nice, but I wanted a simple outfit yet “fashionable” or not. I bought this long sweater quiet long ago at Kiabi, and you know that I have this thing with  big and long sweaters, I feel so comfortable in this kind of sweaters, and I tried to mix them with this black legging that I bought from Zara last year. What do you think? Ohh sneakers and the bag are from Zara, the new collection.

Hope you’re having a good night, and thank you for your visit!