vendredi 29 mai 2015


 In everyone’s life, there are people that make you feel full land happy, and others that leave you feeling deflated and questioning yourself. The first types of people are the happy makers whom are the former.
These people aren’t always happy and enthusiastic, but their company always make you day better rather than worse. And you know the feeling is mutual, which is even nicer. You leave a happy maker thinking (I like them so much) and never (I wonder if they like me). These are the people we should be spending our time with and I plan on devoting this time from on to these people.
I know that people come and go, some of them last a awhile and others last longer, but hey who cares, appreciate this time with them, and make it perfect.

BOYFRIEND JEANS Stradivarius. BUTTON UP SHIRT Zara. HEELS old . HAT Local market in Marrakech.

vendredi 22 mai 2015


DIY blognotes
YVES ROCHER perfume (Quelques notes d'amour)
SEPHORA lipstick (N 08)
ORIFLAME eyeliner
PARFOIS sunglasses 
APPLE headphones 
BOOK big ray by Michael Kimball

mercredi 13 mai 2015

21 things I've learned in my living years

Everyone get drilled with some certain lessons from life, it depends on everyone’s life, and 3 days ago I celebrated my birthday (I've turned 21 woohoo), so let me share with you 21 lessons that I’ve learned in my living years.
  1. You can never change someone, and it’s rude to try.
  2. Travelling is the best cure for the soul.
  3. Stop worrying about yourself, or people will always be worrying about you.
  4. Nothing bad about being wrong.
  5. Everyone you meet is better than you at something.
  6. One day you will die, knowing and understanding that means that you are alive.
  7. If you aren't happy single, you won’t be happy in a relationship.
  8. Nothing ever happens exactly like you pictured it.
  9. Life is a solo trip, but you will have lots of visitors, some of them will last longer, most are not.
  10. Reading a book is the best thing to do when you feel lost.
  11. Your parents are the best teachers that you ever had.
  12. Wishing things were different is the rude way to unface your current moment.
  13. The most priceless thing is time, and it never goes back.
  14. Always keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up.
  15. Love what to do; Love your life, no matter what’s happening right now.
  16. Karma is real.
  17. Family is everything. My parents have been right about pretty much everything, and now I understand why: They’ve done this before.
  18. Accept and appreciate the little things.
  19. Friends come and go.
  20. Take some little time to enjoy what you love to do.
  21. Enjoy the now and look forward to the future.

vendredi 1 mai 2015

Black & Gold

 I know, this blog has a little slack on the outfit post lately, my bad. I think it’s a bit of lack of time and hunting for good spots. Always drama.
So I have been hunting for good spots to take pictures for you guys in my local area (and always in the background some white and green colors as you can see in my old posts), but believe me, I am the shyest person when it comes to take pictures, so I always hate posing in the street, and having my photo taking in front of people (so embarrassed)… but hey, aren't bloggers made for this? I should stop hating what I love.
So, I guess it’s a short post to say am back (with clothes obviously), and let’s say, I am so attached to this pants.