lundi 26 janvier 2015

How I style my white denim

Big city and fashion blogging are complete polar opposites, and nothing’s quite awkward like an overdressed girl (or not) posing for photos in a street full of people - especially people that like to ask things or - even worse - watch you doing your pose. Then again, that's one of the fantastic perks of blogging (yet), and it takes some time getting used to it. The big shock - a blogger that doesn't actually like having her photo taken! I remember in this outfit two old people came and ask if there’s some TV show is coming up soon about this… well okay lets go back to the outfit.

In this outfit, I tried to mix some chic and sporty vibe, so when you try to style a white denim, the first thing that comes in your mind (2 seconds of wondering) is a basic blue striped shirt… so to add a chic tone, I put on some suede heels and last but not least the baseball hat ( I own it for ages but still in love ).

After these clips, me and a friend sat down at Casdal ( a new and nice cafe restaurant in Casablanca).

WHITE DENIM/ Stradivarius. BLUE STRIPED SHIRT/ Zara. SUEDE HEELS/ Aldo. HAT/ an old gift from my brother. SILVER CLUTCH/ Marwa.

mercredi 21 janvier 2015

Black & Sea

INSPO  //    just a few of my favorite pictures at the moment to fill you in until weekend 

                                                   (Images fron Tumblr and Pinterest ) 

samedi 17 janvier 2015


  Good evening everyone, and hope you’re having a good weekend. I know it feels like forever since I last updated this thing but unfortunately life (more specifically, school projects) demanded a few full days of my attention.

Let's go back to the outfit, so if you are a huge lover of black (when I say huge lover, means like in love with Chuck #whodidn’twatchgossipgirl ) it takes a lot of time and effort to fill your wardrobe with just leather jackets and monochrome basics - in fact, I like to think of it as a skill, so I try to mix and match it with similar dark toned colors, like this outfit if you can tell.

                                             Have a lazy sunday everyone !

LEATHER PANTS bershka. LEATHER JACKET zara. TURTLENECK KNIT american eagle. BLOUSE stradivarius. HEELS zara.

vendredi 16 janvier 2015


Donatella Versace has been always one of my favourite stylists/designers in the fashion industry, especially in her Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear tiny collection, where the details were actually stunning: The military buttons in the jackets and pants were actually more toy soldier, and the glitter epaulets that were another decorative detail. So inspirational.

                                                         ( Images from Vogue )

samedi 10 janvier 2015

The basic way

 Weekend is here / / Who in this planet doesn't have at least one pair of boyfriend jeans ? (Okay if you don’t, you can just steal your mom's jeans and be super hot in them).

So if you are wearing a pair of distressed/boyfriend jeans, adding a set of good pair of high heels to your outfit (like my rosewood heels that I am soo obsessed with them) is the quickest (and easiest) way to polish your look.
Well boyfriend jeans have a bit of that walk of shame-chic vibe I know, but they add a great deal of style and confidence to your stride ( that means, super extra confidence by sitting,walking and jumping with them ).

                                                  Have a great weekend everyone!

BOYFRIEND JEANS stradivarius. BLOUSE bershka. WHITE BIKER JACKET zara . HEELS zara. BAG zara

mardi 6 janvier 2015

let's get ready for 2015

When we talk about new year, we always talk about resolutions and goals, 2015 is here and like always, we make some promises that we have to accomplish over the year like do more sports, read more, eat healthy and stuff…

But the thing is, after at least 4 months, we care less and/or we drop everything out and we live as normal as the past year 
And how I forget that we all say : Ohh a new year is a new me, I have to change and find myself 

But you know, you can’t find yourself, you are already here, the real change is to grow and be the best version of yourself ( because we all know that person still be that person, and time still be the same time, it’s just after one hour we moved to the next year ; ) )

But in the other hand it’s good, good when you have to put some goals on your life and take a couple days to figure out what do you really need in your future (or simply in this year) and how you have to achieve it .
But let’s start this year with a positive beat by waking up everyday with a positive mind and interesting stuff to do .
Go achieve those goals that you have missed these past couple years, and accomplish them with a big freaking smile on your face
 And don’t forget to be happy by being you,  you are way too different from the others and this is your first quality, and have a good attitude for this year

Be thankful for everything you’ve got, for all you had got to experience last year and for the wonderfull possiblities awaiting for you .  

Pause this moment and you will realise that you breath, you are alive.