mercredi 30 décembre 2015


2015 was a good and long was fun and stressful at the same time, so I had quiet some good things and obviously some sad things but I always appreciate any year so let’s start:
  1. I started my blog in first January; it was my first big step in this year… my Waves and Harleys is celebrating his first year woohoo
  2. I graduated uni.. Now I have a Bachelor's degree in Management
  3. I met a lot of people by my blog
  4. And lost a couple of my close friends unfortunately
  5. watching my best friend (for almost 7 years) getting married… I had some tears falling down obviously while she was dancing with her husband
  6. I travelled and discovered a little bit my country… Tangier Asilah Rmilat Tetouan Rabat Agadir Taghazout Imsouane…
  7. Took a big decision to quit my job and start a new thing
  8. Went to see my favorite band concert for the first time of my life (if you are wondering it was maroon 5)
  9. Woke up at 5am just to see the sunrise at the beach, it was so magical
  10. Celebrating my Dad’s anniversary, my dad is not that kind of person who celebrate his anniversary, so we’ve made him a little surprise for the first time, it was a very happy moment
  11. Attended the Europe Surf Championship 2015
  12. Assisted to a live fashion show at CasaModa, so much inspiration and passion in these young creators
  13. Made a big decision about uni and now I am taking a Master course in Supply Chain Management
  14. I lost my gran father
  15. I had the best birthday of my life, my friends made me a super and unique surprise for me at “foret de Bouskoura”

2 commentaires:

  1. It was outstanding apparently ! May 2016 be better inchaalah

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