samedi 17 janvier 2015


  Good evening everyone, and hope you’re having a good weekend. I know it feels like forever since I last updated this thing but unfortunately life (more specifically, school projects) demanded a few full days of my attention.

Let's go back to the outfit, so if you are a huge lover of black (when I say huge lover, means like in love with Chuck #whodidn’twatchgossipgirl ) it takes a lot of time and effort to fill your wardrobe with just leather jackets and monochrome basics - in fact, I like to think of it as a skill, so I try to mix and match it with similar dark toned colors, like this outfit if you can tell.

                                             Have a lazy sunday everyone !

LEATHER PANTS bershka. LEATHER JACKET zara. TURTLENECK KNIT american eagle. BLOUSE stradivarius. HEELS zara.

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