lundi 26 janvier 2015

How I style my white denim

Big city and fashion blogging are complete polar opposites, and nothing’s quite awkward like an overdressed girl (or not) posing for photos in a street full of people - especially people that like to ask things or - even worse - watch you doing your pose. Then again, that's one of the fantastic perks of blogging (yet), and it takes some time getting used to it. The big shock - a blogger that doesn't actually like having her photo taken! I remember in this outfit two old people came and ask if there’s some TV show is coming up soon about this… well okay lets go back to the outfit.

In this outfit, I tried to mix some chic and sporty vibe, so when you try to style a white denim, the first thing that comes in your mind (2 seconds of wondering) is a basic blue striped shirt… so to add a chic tone, I put on some suede heels and last but not least the baseball hat ( I own it for ages but still in love ).

After these clips, me and a friend sat down at Casdal ( a new and nice cafe restaurant in Casablanca).

WHITE DENIM/ Stradivarius. BLUE STRIPED SHIRT/ Zara. SUEDE HEELS/ Aldo. HAT/ an old gift from my brother. SILVER CLUTCH/ Marwa.

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