mardi 6 janvier 2015

let's get ready for 2015

When we talk about new year, we always talk about resolutions and goals, 2015 is here and like always, we make some promises that we have to accomplish over the year like do more sports, read more, eat healthy and stuff…

But the thing is, after at least 4 months, we care less and/or we drop everything out and we live as normal as the past year 
And how I forget that we all say : Ohh a new year is a new me, I have to change and find myself 

But you know, you can’t find yourself, you are already here, the real change is to grow and be the best version of yourself ( because we all know that person still be that person, and time still be the same time, it’s just after one hour we moved to the next year ; ) )

But in the other hand it’s good, good when you have to put some goals on your life and take a couple days to figure out what do you really need in your future (or simply in this year) and how you have to achieve it .
But let’s start this year with a positive beat by waking up everyday with a positive mind and interesting stuff to do .
Go achieve those goals that you have missed these past couple years, and accomplish them with a big freaking smile on your face
 And don’t forget to be happy by being you,  you are way too different from the others and this is your first quality, and have a good attitude for this year

Be thankful for everything you’ve got, for all you had got to experience last year and for the wonderfull possiblities awaiting for you .  

Pause this moment and you will realise that you breath, you are alive.

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