samedi 28 février 2015

Mint Tea Call: Being more spontaneous

Wake up, get ready, work, come home, eat, sleep repeat. Sounds a little bit familiar to you right? For most of us, our days are ruled by routine and schedules (studying or working with schedules) We become creatures of habit, where there is nothing wrong with that I think, but doing the same thing everyday can feel a little … unexciting right?
So being spontaneous might be the perfect solution, it can mean doing something big like an unexpected vacation, or a weekend friends sleepover or at least seeing and old friend for a couple hours around a cup of coffee during the week and realizing that you had so much fun memories during high school or college… Adding spontaneity even a little on our days may bring some adventures and some sweetness into our lives, which we all need in this period to have a balanced life.
So let’s try to create, or add something new in our lives, it doesn't supposed to be things material, but precious to ours souls.
What about you?I am so curious to know what to do to be even a little bit spontaneous?

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