jeudi 5 février 2015

New mission

 Lucky luke //  Some people are proud of themselves because they reach the top of the mountain ( don’t judge anyone) but I am so proud of myself because I’m sharing with you a new outfit that I wasn't sure about, well actually, some of you might know that I’m more into monochrome (can I say black and white please?) but I made a huge step to wear something out of my secure zone.
Don’t get me wrong, black still one of my favourite colour to wear, but you know with 2015 resolutions, let’s make some difference .
My last purchase was this ankle boots, which have some height but so comfortable, and last but not least the black hat that can change the whole look.

Have a good day kittens

JEANS/ Stradivarius. ANKLE BOOTS/ Parfois. V SHIRT/ Zara Basics. CARDIGAN/ Mango. BAG/ Zara

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