samedi 14 mars 2015

Mint Tea Call: 7 Key pieces for every girl


I think that there are some pieces every girl should own, not because they are available for every budget, but also they are the key pieces for any season, and be paired with different outfits.

  1. Basic T-shirts: you can always use basic t-shirts to rescue you when you don’t know what to wear; I mean you can wear a leather skirt with a basic black V-neck, or some jeans and a pair of black boots.
  2. Cardigan: a non-button up cardigan will look so beautiful with blouses and dresses, and will always be your go-to piece in the morning when you feel you’re late to work or school.
  3. A button up shirt: If you are in college, you will have a lot of presentations, meetings and speeches in front of your class, so you have to look so dressed up and give a good attire to let people take you (at least) seriously, so having a button up shirt, no matter what color it looks, it will let you feel comfortable and put together, you can mix it with a pencil skirt, or a black trousers (classic).
  4. Jeans: A dark wash skinny jeans will be the best advice for you, it will fit you well, chunk on your boots (and also make you feel a bit skinny) .
  5. A flat pair of shoes (ballet flat): it will be your key for a casual/comfortable or smart outfit, and as long as you run around the city or between meetings, your feet will thank you later.
  6. A good black bag: Not only the one that you can wear it in a day outfit, but also on a night out, it makes you save money though for not buying much more (I know we can never have enough bags), but sometimes we have to think a bit about purchasing.
  7. A leather black jacket: A nice biker black jacket is my favorite part in my wardrobe (Am I wearing it in every single outfit in my blog? Dunno, but we will live happily ever after), so having a good black jacket on your wardrobe will help you for every occasion and every season, even in summer, you can thrown on over a dress for a night out.

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