mardi 10 mars 2015

"the" Mens Shirt

  Just a quick outfit post about things you can wear basically everyday, shirt pants shoes and voila… Okay no, I’ll explain more about it.
The only good thing about having a brother, is stealing his shirts (no not the only thing, you know that I heart you bro in case you’re stopping by), and I was stealing his button-downs shirts for ages, and still completely obsessed with, like this Timberland one, but the thing is, mens button-downs shirts are so fluffy and so confortable, which means that you can mix them with your feminine wardrobe, and you’ll get the look.
And you know, am still obsessed with leather pants as ever, but the city is getting sunnier and hotter so I will have to forget them for a while now.

LEATHER PANTS Bershka. MENS SHIRT Timberlande. SHOES Zara. BAG Marwa. BRACELETS American Eagle 

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