samedi 28 mars 2015

Mint tea call: How to eliminate stress

We can all have that time of the day when we are all stressed with school, work, or even with friends/family… and despite that, we all have some tips and tricks to avoid that or to calm the area down, so I thought I’d share some of mine with you today.

Flowers: I love having flowers anywhere at home, it sends like love energy, it brings some new elements to your house, and connect you with nature. And I guess that plants in general bring happiness and kindness to your home and make you feel good.

Music: It’s another form of energy and another vibration, its gets you change your mood (am not talking about some sad music that brings all your emotion back again); If you’re working in a highly stressful environment, I recommend you some sort of peaceful and classic music around, and it will easily calm the whole environment around you, definitely try it out, because we all know that music can change the whole look and mood of your day.

Tea: I am actually a coffee person, especially in the morning, but having nice couple cups of mint tea in the evening will calm you down, I mean it just makes you happier.

Aroma Therapy: in this case, I usually try some diffuser, like mixing water with some essential oil(most of the time, I try citrus or amber oil), so it makes your home or your room smells more natural and refreshing, it's purifying to me. Just check it out and give it a try.

A shower: Taking a long bath when you get home will always be your remade, you can try to make your own spa at home with candles and new body shower… I believe that a shower can change your whole mood and bring some thoughts.

What about you? How do you de stress?

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