vendredi 5 juin 2015


 So here is my15 things that you don't know about me :

1. My name is Aicha, and it was my grandma's name (so famous I know).
2. I love art, music and beach.
3. Speaking of beach, my first baby steps were at the beach in north of morocco (I still have some pictures of me walking like a penguin).
4. In my teenage years, I was a little bit a punk funk girl, that’s why I love black and leather I guess.
5. My little dream is to travel Africa (center and south).
6. At some age, I was a real tomboy…never used to wear skirts dresses and heels (so many periods in my life, I know)
7. I love winter
8. I have this terrible thing with mugs, and I have a small collection by the way.
9. The only movie that made me cry is Now Is Good, and I recommend it.
10. I am a cat person, I love cats.
11. I really have a bad memory, I always forget people’s name when I first meet someone.
12. I love love cheese, I can add cheese in every meal, cheese is the new black.
13. I can never have a good day without my coffee in the morning.
14. Whenever I am watching a TV show, and a commercial came on, I always mute the TV. I can’t listen to commercials and I hate hearing the sound of commercials .
15. I can never survive without a To Do list; I mean if I don’t write something down on a paper, I will never make it (bad memory).

DRESS Pull & Bear. TRENCH COAT Zara. BOOTS Lee Cooper. SUNNIES Parfois

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